WEBPAGE UPDATED             Monday  November 22, 2021

Oxygen Edge™ is simply the best commercial sport fishing oxygen system on the market. The fisherman always have control of the right dose of oxygen, it’s fail-safe, absolutely quiet, dependable, requires no batteries or electricity. Safe continuous livewell DO Saturation is always guaranteed regardless of the stocking density.

It is used in a closed livewell system.

The Oxygen Edge™ is the oxygen system well known for “SUPERCHARGING” menhaden, bunker, pogy, white baits, croaker, goggle eye, white baits, anchovy, shad, croakers, mullet, shrimp, shiners, bait fish in all bait tanks and  livewells. Supercharging requires a larger dose of oxygen than the dose to necessary keep bait alive and healthy.

The Oxygen Edge™ is not repackaged, rebranded medical equipment. Our oxygen regulators are custom engineered for marine use. That means OE regulators are are highly resistant to Galvanic Corrosion unlike aluminum medical oxygen regulators. OE regulators are made with solid brass bodies that are pure nickel plated outside and inside. Pure nickel plating looks like an old tarnished Buffalo nickel, not shiny like a medical O2 regulator or car bumper.

The oxygen-injection system of choice used by C&R tournament fishermen (freshwater and saltwater) since 1993.  KEEPING BASS ALIVE – THE LIVEWELL OXYGEN RESEARCH 1998  Gene Gilliland

Pure 100% oxygen will keep bait fish alive and healthy in overcrowded  livewells, bait tanks and holding pens every summer. Keeping bait fish alive and healthy requires  a continuous supply of oxygen maintained at 100% DO Saturation continuously.

The Oxygen Edge™ makes it easy to keep bait wells and bait tanks  oxygenated keeping bait fish and shrimp alive and healthy for hours, overnight or days offshore.

FACT:  Insuring minimal safe dissolved oxygen is the most important water quality parameter in any livewell or bait tank in the summer.

*Do not confuse “safe aeration” with “safe oxygenation” because oxygen is not air. Plenty air and plenty water pumped through a livewell DOES NOT INSURE MINIMAL SAFE OXYGENATION, contrary to popular belief, internet fishing forum Bro-Science and those old fishermen’s myths.

Keep bait and C&R tournament game fish alive and healthy in livewells and bait tanks in the summer is very simple and very easy…

1st and most important: maintain the Dissolved at 100% DO Saturation, keep the oxygen running continuously at the right dose and don’t suffocate the bait.

2nd: ventilate the livewell water meaning change the livewell water several time daily flushing out all the metabolic toxins from the livewell (dissolved CO2, Carbonic acid, acid water, ammonia, nitrites and those big chunks… feces, urine, scales, vomit, dead and dying bait.

That’s about all there is maintaining excellent livewell water quality during live transports.


1. Oxygenate livewell water with pure oxygen – 100% DO Saturation or greater guarantees and insures safe oxygenation in overcrowded livewells and bait tanks in the summer.
2. Ventilate livewell water – Total or partial water exchange several time daily guarantees elimination ammonia, acid pH, dissolved CO2, nitrites, nitrates and metabolic waste.

Safe Oxygenation requires administration of supplemental pure 100%  oxygen in overcrowded summer livewells and bait tanks.  The correct dose must be delivered continuously and that dose of pure oxygen delivered must be sufficient to sustain continuous 100% DO Saturation for one pound of live bait or hundreds of pounds  of live bait or fish. Greater stocking density (overcrowding) requires more oxygen. Pure 100% oxygen is necessary for live bait and live fish transports. That is why fish hatcheries transport live fish with pure 100% compressed oxygen, none use air, aeration or water pumps to insure minimal safe Dissolved Oxygen Saturations for any live transports – never.

Ventilating livewell water requires change the livewell water with total or partial water exchanges, flushing out metabolic waste a couple times daily. Running the livewell water pump 2 minutes twice daily controls all toxins in livewell water.

Or, run noisy mechanical aerators and water pumps all day. Mechanical aerators and water pumps remove dissolved carbon dioxide, acid water concentrations, ammonia. they do not remove other toxins like nitrites, nitrates, urine and the big chunks of feces, scales and vomit (metabolic toxins and organic matter).

*Always remove dead bait and dead fish from livewells and bait tanks ASAP all day and all night.

Transporting live healthy bait in livewells and bait tanks in harsh hot summer weather is easy IF you can maintain excellent water quality, minimal safe oxygenation being the most important.

If you CAN NOT or WILL NOT maintain 100% minimal dissolved oxygen saturation  continuously, mortality and morbidity is guaranteed again every summer regardless of how much water or air you pump into your livewell.

Livewell stocking density (the amount, total weight, of bait or fish in your livewell) directly affects livewell water quality. More bait need and consume more oxygen and produce more Dissolved CO2, ammonia and toxic waste in the livewell.

Minimal safe dissolved oxygen saturation during live transport is 100 % DO Saturation or greater which is unlike the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) minimal DO Concentration of 5 parts per million PPM DO Concentration for steady state environmental conditions for streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries, bays, gulfs and oceans.

Safe live bait transport water quality (dissolved oxygen) is very different than environmental steady state water quality.

Mechanical aerators provide air, they aerate livewell water and ventilate livewell water. Livewell water pumps pump water and ventilate livewell water – neither insure minimal safe DO Saturation.

The Oxygen Edge™ is not a livewell aerator.

The Oxygen Edge™ supplements livewell water with a precision dose of pure 100% oxygen. Turn on the oxygen, adjust the correct dose of oxygen on the regulator and change your livewell water a few times a day.

Keeping bait alive and healthy is as simple as livewell oxygenation and ventilation even in the hottest summer conditions.   Keeping bait alive requires great livewell water quality, especially minimal safe oxygenation (oxygenation is not aeration).