Oxygen Edge Customer Support

WEBPAGE UPDATED                                      Saturday   January 5, 2019

The Oxygen Edge ™ provides excellent professional and technical customer support for our customers.

At Oxygenation Systems of Texas, we are committed to providing much more to our customers than custom design to meet your specific needs and selling and servicing our livewell oxygen systems.

Whatever your needs, wherever you fish, we offer support options to keep your live bait supercharged and healthy during transport and captivity, offshore or inshore. Our professional staff is always ready and available to assist you, we are a phone call away.

Our experience, innovative methods and procedures substantially reduce delayed mortality in “catch and release” saltwater and freshwater fishing tournaments. in the summer.

We do much more than take your order and ship equipment. Our goals and objectives are to help our customers understand how to improve and maintain water quality to keep your live bait and tournament fish healthy and minimize livewell mortality.

We’re here to help our customers develop the understanding and ability to effectively  transport, stockpile and maintain captive live bait and live fish in safe healthy manmade environments even in the worst summer conditions.

Keep bait and fish alive and healthy for hours, overnight or for days during the summer and winter anywhere in the world. It’s simple when you have help, know how, have the right oxygen equipment and especially when you have easy access to our staff for help any time you need it.

Our customer support is enhanced with years of successful experience and state-of-the-art livewell oxygen injection  technology, we assure you the greatest success possible. Our customer support is exceptional and professional.

Customer support includes:


• Live bait and live fish transport care, short term and long term care

• Custom design oxygen system to meet your specific fishing needs

• Understanding fish physiology, keeping captive wild fish and bait healthy and strong

• Handling fresh caught bait and fish, identifying and eliminating the serious stressors, crisis intervention

• Catching, processing and handling stressed bait and tournament Catch & Release fish

• Water quality management, special conditions and equipment limitations

• Water chemistry, making it right and keeping it right with confidence

• Fish keeping for those fragile baits and expensive catch and release tournament fish

• Managing delicate offshore hook baits all day and overnight in boat livewells or bait pens

• Hauling baits across the state or around the world

• Transporting and stockpiling commercial live bait from the bait catcher to the consumers hook

• Live bait chemicals and there are several excellent combinations, food coloring and the Federal Food and Drug Administration

• What’s magic, myth and old wives tales; what works and what won’t ever work regardless of modifications, the laws of the livewell

• Livewell water pumps, what size water pump do you need, how much water flow is too much or too little

• Rigging your livewell and bait tank, making your boat safer for you and your livewell more efficient

• Processing live fish at tournament weigh-ins, reducing delayed mortality, procedure is important

Phone: 1 (409) 267-6458

Email: mailto:supercharger@oxyedge-chum.com