CCA Star Fishing Tournament 2017 sponsored by the Coastal Conservation Association is a “kill fish tournament.” It is not a live “release tournament” which may appear to be fishery conservation paradox.  Conservation minded contestants may choose to keep their catch alive and healthy, transporting their tournament fish all day to the official scales or kill and ice down the fish in an ice chest. Keeping a CCA Tournament fish alive to the scales or killing the fish is always a personal choice testing and demonstrating the conservation ethic of every man, woman, and CCA Star Tournament Directors and officials.

WINNING THE PRIIZE IS THE GOAL… Know that dead  CCA Star Tournament fish iced down all day lose considerable body weight and shrink in length iced down hour after by hour.

Also know that… Tournament fish weighed-in alive DO NOT LOSE BODY WEIGHT NOR DO THEY SHRINK IN LEGNTH.

The difference between being a WINNER or LOOSING  a CCA Star Tournament college scholarship, new truck, boat, boat trailer, motor is determined by a hundredth of ounce and a fraction of an inch

Total tournament mortality is expected and always acceptable in all CCA Star Fishing Tournaments. Tournament mortality is usually near 100% kill for 101 days or 2410 hours. Catch and live release is uncommon, but C&R is not in violation of CCA tournament rules for the truly conservation minded fisherman.

So what does keeping tournament fish alive and the Oxygen Edge™ have to do with the CCA Star Fishing “kill” Tournament?


FACT: Live fish always weigh more than dead fish on ice.

FACT: Live fish do not shrink in length like dead fish on ice.

FACT: Fish weight and fish length wins this tournament.

FACT: Keeping your Star Tournament fish alive and healthy in your livewell or ice chest for hours or days (72 hours) to weigh-in = NO WEIGHT LOSS… and weight determines who wins and who loses.

Please read on because money, lot’s of money is on the line.


Dead tournament fish, iced down, always decompose, weigh less than live, healthy tournament fish transported to the weigh-master – fish weight at the weigh-in scales is important and determiners the winner in CCA Star Tournaments?

Dead tournament fish, iced down, always decompose, shrink in fractions of inches and are shorter than live, healthy tournament fish transported to the weigh-master – fish length measured by the weigh-master is important and determines the winner in CCA Star Tournaments?

Michigan State University Extension

“Options for preventing weight loss with record fish and tournament winners”

July 8, 2013 by Dan O’Keefe, Michigan State University Extension

It is best to weigh fish alive…”

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The Coastal Conservation Association Texas (CCA Texas) is a non-profit marine conservation organization consisting of tens of thousands of recreational anglers and coastal outdoor enthusiasts. CCA was founded in 1977, it started in the great state of Texas and has quickly expanded into a national organization consisting of many state divisions.

Tagged Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Sheepshead, Gafftop, King Mackerel, Dolphin (Dorado) and Ling (Cobia) qualify. Redfish tags will read:  “2015 CCA TX/STAR (Tag Nos. TA551 – TA650).”

Many states and tens of thousands of offshore, near-shore, coastal bay and estuary sport fishermen compete in the CCA Star Tournament every summer for hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. CCA membership is included in the Star Tournament entry fee.

Tournament winners walk away with new trucks, new boats and motors, new boat trailers and many scholarships (up to $50,000 at an accredited college or university). These prizes are duplicated and awarded to winners in many state divisions.

CCA Tournament Rules: All fish entered into competition must have been caught by the participant and must be weighed, or in the case of tagged redfish, presented, at a designated official STAR weigh station, as soon as practical after landing and in no event more than twenty-four (24)* hours after landing. *Only dorado, cobia, red snapper, and mangrove snapper will be allowed seventy-two (72) hours to weigh-in, after landing.

FACT: Keep Star Tournament fish alive and healthy in livewells and ice chests for 24 – 72 hours until weigh-in.  These fish will not lose a single gram/ounce/pound of weight during transport and captivity while transporting to a weigh in station. Dead fish lose weight because of cellular decomposition that begins at the moment of death.

Star Tournament fish that are killed immediately after capture, iced down in ice chest constantly lose weight minute by minute, hour by hour as the cells and tissue decomposes after death, the normal decomposition process of death.. In 24 hours a winner can become a looser caused by post mortem weigh loss.   A loss of only a few grams of weight from the time of capture Friday to the weigh-in Saturday can be hours or even the next day.

Grams, ounces and even pounds of weight may be lost post mortem. Tournament prizes, money and college scholarships worth tens of thousands of dollars are all lost because one dead tournament fish on ice lost a gram or ounce.

All CCA Star Tournament contestants may choose to kill and ice down their catch and expect to lose fish weight. The better option may be to choose to keep your catch alive and healthy, not losing any post mortem weight.  Then release your live healthy tournament fish into the wild to reproduce and propagate the specie, maybe  even fight again in next week’s fishing tournament.

This is about a CCA TOURNAMENT WINNING EDGE, keeping your fish alive to weigh-in and bringing home the money, prizes and scholarships.