Compare Livewell Oxygenators, Oxygen Generators

WEB PAGE UPDATED                                     Sunday   September 1, 2019

Livewell Oxygen Generators

Livewell oxygen generators are electrical devices using D/C battery power to oxygenate water in livewells and bait tanks and to keep bait and tournament bass alive in boat livewells. Oxygen generators produce oxygen by electrolysis of water, Aqua Innovations ™ or air filtration, FishO2 ™.

If an oxygen generator is capable of producing an oxygen rich or oxygen enriched environment inside a boat livewell or bait tank, oxygen safety (fire safety) rules which are extremely important must be addressed and practiced. Oxygen generators are not aerators and are not risk free. Oxygen is not air.

Federal, State and private fish hatcheries and professional live fish transporters do not use oxygen generators to oxygenate live haul transport water for many reasons.

Electrolysis type livewell oxygen generators are primarily used by tournament bass fishermen and sold as OEM by many bass boat.