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The Oxygen Edge™ website is a simple, advanced Primer, a basic manual, prepared for sport fishermen and commercial fishermen specifically targeting safe, scientifically proven methods for safely transport live game fish and “SUPERCHARGING” live bait in any livewell or bait tank. Livewell water, salt and especially the right dose of pure 100% supplemental oxygen is the key to successful summer live fish and live bait transports in abnormally large stocking densities and keeping live bait and fish for extended periods of time in captivity.

You will find many expert opinions here from University Professors, Federal and State Fishery DNR’s officials, Fish Physiologist, Fishery biologist including published scientific white-paper publications within this Primer.


The Oxygen Edge™ is the original aftermarket commercial livewell oxygen injection system specifically designed for the sport fisherman in 1993 and continues to date. The Edge prevents livewell suffocation in the summer and “Supercharges” live bait.

See: http://oxyedge-chum.com/history/texas-am-university-tested-may-1993-2/    The Oxygen Edge™ is the Gold Standard for  fishing oxygen systems.

David A. Kinser, entrepreneur, researcher, inventor, designer, and gas life support equipment expert is known for “thinking outside the box,” challenging old fisherman myths and old out dated mechanical aeration technology,  identifying and pointing out slick salesmanship tactics, asking the tough questions, identifying and fixing the  livewell enigma that kills live bait and tournament fish in livewells and bait tanks every summer during live transports and captivity.

Many make the claim that oxygen is air, but every Doctor, nurse, EMT, fish physiologist, University Aquaculture Professor, fish hatchery manager, fighter pilot, mountain climber, welder and Kinser KNOWS THAT OXYGEN IS NOT AIR.

In 1993, Kinser fixed the number 1 summer livewell water quality problem that kills live bait in bait tanks and livewells. Suffocation is the problem that kills live bait and game fish in livewells and bait tanks every summer during live transports… SUSTAINED SUFFOCATION (LIVE BAIT AND TOURNAMENT GAMEFISH MORTALITY/MORBIDITY) IS THE RESULT OF CHRONIC LOW, UNSAFE DISSOLVED OXYGEN SATURATION IN OVERCROWDED SUMMER LIVEWELLS — LIVEWELL HYPOXIA .

And furthermore, Kinser O2 system  insures safe oxygenation even during the most hostile summer conditions in overcrowded livewell.  Of course no livewell/bait tank manufacturer, aerator or  water pump  manufacturers could not and would never guarantee their product to deliver minimal safe dissolved oxygen for a livewell full of live bait fish in Dog Days of Summer… Kinser’s  commercial oxygen system technology was new and unheard of in the sport fishing industry in 1992… oxygen supplementation was truly a Revolutionary advancement that insured not only safe oxygenation for live bait and live tournament fish  transports – but SUPERCHARGES LIVE BAIT. Kinser’s new livewell oxygen injection technology  trumped all mechanical aeration systems, air pump aerators, spray bars, bubble rocks and water pumps that were historically used for oxygenating livewell and bait tank water.

The “9-Dot Puzzle” is one of Kinser’s favorites.

Kinser, the company founder applied 27 years of human medical experience to his new venture.  Kinser’s expertise with life support technology, physiology, human oxygen life support oxygen system concepts, design, fabrication, modifications, novel applications and medical school teaching led him to embark in a new novel professional direction… Commercial aquatic life support oxygen-injection systems for live fish transports. Kinser engineered and designed his fishing oxygen system specifically for sport fishermen and commercial fishermen that transporting live baitfish and live tournament game fish.

Kinser, an avid live bait fisherman and tournament angler has an exact understanding of gas chemistry, physics and physiology, he knows “the right stuff” about keeping live bait and tournament fish alive and healthy for hours of live transport especially in the most adverse, hostile,  hot summer conditions day and night. Long term captivity and stockpiling live bait for weeks is easy when  you overstock your livewells and bait tanks, but you must  provided minimal safe oxygenation continuously along with great water quality.

Kinser’s Customer Service ethic is unmatched by none. He’s a Pro and takes the time to share all this professional fish care information, knowledge and technical support with every customer. Every customers success is our business, what we do for a living. We do far more for our customers than just build and sell them fishing oxygen systems.

An expert with life support oxygen systems and oxygen transport equipment, Kinser recognized the summer mortality (sloppy bait problems, red-nose) caused when transporting live bait and tournament game fish in boat livewell and bait tanks was a serious. Live bait mortality and  morbidity is expensive is predictable every summer.

Clearly the solution to this ancient live bait transport problem was illusive and cryptic for all live bait and tournament fishermen. Their live bait and fish kept on dying decade after decade  during summer transports and overnight captivity.  Fishermen modified livewell shapes, colors, used all kinds of livewell additives, chemicals, tranquilizers, stimulants, dyes, antibiotics, this aerator, that air entrainment venture, spray heads, bubble stone and all those expensive livewell water pumps and literally pumped hundreds of gallons of water through livewells and of course tons of ice to chill the well water and the bait in the summer… the whole point of this  futile exercise was to simply increase the dissolve oxygen to a minimal safe level and all this “stuff” never stopped the livewell suffocation and dying in over crowded livewells in the summer…. but, a lot of people made of people made a lot of money selling this “stuff” to fishermen for many years.

Kinser knew that fishermen forgot their high school Chemistry 101 class… Henry’s Gas Law controls how much oxygen (concentration and saturation) that will actually dissolve into livewell water and the fish’s blood, the livewell DO and % oxygen saturation of the fish’s arterial blood respectively.

Fishermen do like to overcrowd their livewells and bait tanks every summer with 1 extra bait or 1 extra fish and that’s when the death and dying begins during live transports.

The summer livewell killer was neither cryptic nor illusive in Kinser’s eyes. He measured the dissolved oxygen in his aerated livewell containing his normal over-load of bait and heavy tournament limit. The low oxygen problem was crystal clear, the livewell water quality was not even close to “safe,” specifically low dissolve oxygen saturation resulting in chronic sustained livewell hypoxia… that is the problem, that was the killer. That water quality problem can be corrected with the right dose of commercial welding oxygen.

The problem and solution was clear and easy to fix. When the problem is low oxygen, the only solution was simply to administer more oxygen, deliver the right dose of oxygen for all the live bait and tournament fish … that’s simple enough.

Kinser fixed the problem with his new livewell oxygen technology – Enter The Oxygen Edge™, the first commercial  livewell oxygen-injection system built for sport fishermen.

So, how much oxygen does your live bait and tournament fish really needed to fix this summer mortality problem? The right amount of oxygen depends 100% on your day to day, hour to hour  stocking density and the season, more fish/live bait need more oxygen in the summer, less in the fall winter and spring north of the equator, just the opposite south of the equator… that’s pretty simple.

Adding more oxygen does not mean that adding more air, more water or more mechanical aeration into your livewell does not insure minimal safe oxygenation  for all the live bait or live fish in transport… that’s a myth promoted by aerator and bait tank salesmen, outdoors writers writing fishing articles and promotional testimonials from fishermen. Fishery science, research, chemistry laws and fish hatchery procedures regulating live fish transports demonstrate a different reality that insure minimal safe DO water quality standards required for all professional live fish transports world-wide.

Kinser imagined a very simple solution to fix these summer livewell kills for fishermen transporting live bait in overstocked livewells and bait tanks…  The correct dose of 100% supplemental oxygen administration will fix this problem, deliver the right dose of oxygen into the livewell water continuously during transport.

But, in the early 1990’s there were no commercial fishing oxygen systems built for sport fishermen. Fishing oxygen life support transport systems had not been invented nor manufactured yet and were not available to sport fishermen. Fishermen though about oxygen.

Kinser says that oxygen gas is not cryptic or magical at all, but it is elusive. Like air and nitrogen gas, oxygen is colorless, odorless and tasteless, these gases make clear bubbles in livewell water and all will dissolve in livewell water… but, safe saturations of dissolved oxygen in livewell water is absolutely the most important gas and may be easily  measured with a DO Meter. The line between safe and unsafe dissolved oxygen saturation for live fish transports in livewells and bait tanks fully stocked or overstocked with live bait and live fish is distinct. An absolute red-line in the sand so to speak when you know what the fish hatchery DO Saturation requirements are for  live fish transports,  what DO Saturation to look for and test for with a DO Meter.

Kinser knew how to measure dissolved oxygen with a DO Meter and he knew how much oxygen was safe and when the dissolved oxygen saturation was not safe  in livewells. When the O2 saturation was not safe, he knew the correct dose of oxygen to administer, how to correct that “low oxygen livewell problem” that fishermen experience every summer. He knew exactly how much oxygen 1 lb. or 500 lbs. of fish and live bait needed for transport in a livewell. He knew the summer killer in livewells was suffocation/chronic sustained livewell hypoxia caused by overcrowding and he knew that more air, mechanical aerators, livewell water pumps, more water flush, shape of livewell, livewell chemicals or H2O2 would never correct the lo oxygen problem in overcrowded summer livewells.

Kinser knew that the correction requires supplemental oxygen administration, pure 100% oxygen and a lot of it delivered continuously, much more than the 20% oxygen in air… the same 100% commercial welding oxygen that all State and Federal fish hatcheries use to insure minimal safe oxygen for all their live fish transports worked great. Pure compressed oxygen is required for ever transport, even when TP&WD is transporting  only 1 lonely ShareLunker 15 lb. trophy bass 9-10 hours across Texas back to Athens. The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas also uses pure oxygen when transporting live fish around the world to the New Orleans aquarium. The never use aeration (air) to oxygenate transport water.

Kinser knew that professional live fish transports never use mechanical aeration to insure minimal safe oxygenation for any live transports, even for a short 20 minute transport – they are the real live fish transport experts, their job depends on their success.

Kinser imagined, invented and manufactured a new aquatic life support technology for sport fishermen that rendered mechanical aerators, air pumps and bait pumps obsolete and marketed a new innovative commercial fishing oxygen-injection system that was quiet, portable, cost effective, could be used in any boat livewell, bait tank, ice chest or 5 gallon plastic bucket… The correct dose of pure 100% oxygen worked great! Plenty of pure oxygen fixed the lo oxygen summer livewell problem for ever.    EUREKA… that’s it!

Delivering  the right dose of oxygen for to satisfy the oxygen demand required by live bait and fish in the livewell continuously not only kept live bait and fish alive and healthy all day in summer livewells, a larger dose of oxygen “Supercharged” live bait… EUREKA… this is  live bait on steroids, unnatural, hyper-active, strong and powerful live bait, makes fresh caught bait fish look and act like sloppy 4 day old bait.

Because of Kinser’s professional training, experience, unique insight and “lateral thinking” ability,  he recognized that sport fisherman’s excessive summer live bait and tournament fish mortality problems was poor livewell water quality specifically poor oxygenation. He built the technology that delivered the correct dose of oxygen continuously for all the live bait and fish being transported and the summer lo oxygen problem vanished forever in overcrowded livewells and bait tanks every summer.

Fishermen simply needed to provide the right dose of  oxygen into their livewell water every summer and stop the suffocation (livewell/bait tank hypoxia) and this ancient live fish transport problem is gone forever. Fishermen can keep live bait alive and tournament fish alive all day every summer with an oxygen system and also seriously overcrowd their livewells in 90 F livewell water safely.

As for the amount of oxygen required: Saltwater or fresh water specie makes no difference, gold fish, killfish, tuna or mehhaden makes no difference, all must have a continuous supply of dissolved oxygen while being transported in livewells, bait tanks and live haul tanks. Cold water specie need nearly 3 time as much oxygen per lb. of fish than warm water specie during transport.

Kinser worked with Gene Gilliland providing The Oxygen Edge™ and technical expertise about livewell oxygen-injection supplementation, oxygen gas safety, oxygen equipment safety, oxygen and boat safety for Gilliland’s research project, mid-summer 1999 in Oklahoma.

Kinser reviewed the draft before final publication and provided recommendations prior to the final draft and publication of “KEEPING BASS ALIVE” A Guidebook for Anglers and Tournament Organizers; a B.A.S.S./ESPN tournament bass care publication 2000.

Kinser’s expertise extended world-wide into offshore saltwater tournament fishing, transporting and “Supercharging” large offshore live bait (goggle-eye, pilchards, tuna, anchovy, whitebaits, etc.) and near shore C&R fishing tournament fishing along the Gulf Texas Coast and the Atlantic East Coast. Tournament Red fish, speckled trout, bone fish, bass, crappie, striper, catfish, bass, striper, crappie, catfish are species all have increased summer tournament survival dramatically because of supplemental oxygen administered by contestants all day on tournament boats, weigh-in holding tanks and live release boats.

And fishermen no longer needed to stress-out all day in any summer C&R tournament, no “dead fish punishments”, no lost money because a fish suffocated in an aerated boat livewell, no  livewell pump noise, no dead batteries, water pump and aerator pump failures have no negative impact on fish survival, no ice or livewell chemicals needed , those old  days were gone. Now you could chose the best livewell care or choose the old aeration and livewell pump technology that was old-fashioned less than the best livewell care for your catch… Oxygenation was REVOLUTIONARY – now you could chose the degree of tournament fish care you were willing to provide for 7-8 hours on your boat.

The Edge was the first turn-on-and-forget livewell oxygen-injection system that consistently delivered the correct amount of oxygen for all the catch in the livewell. The new oxygen technology was absolutely dependable, always worked and never failed in the most adverse summer conditions every summer… and  if any bass tournament fisherman  had a great day at a summer tournament on Lake Amistad near Del Rio, Texas in August, he could safely transport a limit of (5) 10 lb. bass. His limit could transported 7-8 hours (all day)  in his 25 gallon boat livewell… and never give the dead fish punishment penalty a second thought. His fish would be fine, well oxygenated at weigh-in. How many times daily does a tournament stop fishing, look in the livewell and hope he doesn’t see a fish floating? You know the routine.

The Oxygen Edge™ is the first commercial designed/manufactured livewell oxygen-injection system, the aquatic life support system built for sport fishermen and sold world-wide.

Kinser always provides a unique professional customer service. You will see evidence of this as you explore this web site. Kinser feels it is necessary that quality time is spent with each customer so the customer understands how to use oxygen, the equipment and techniques  to achieve excellent live transport results, consistently make the highest quality live bait and keep it healthy, a clear understanding of oxygen (the pure gas),  oxygen safety on boats and how to use the Oxygen Edge™ equipment to effectively and safely “Supercharge ” and keep live bait and tournament fish alive and healthy for hours and  days in captivity, how to manage livewell water quality like fish hatchery professionals, how to achieve the very best outcome  for your live bait and fish transports and much, much  more. How to provide the BEST live bait care and tournament fish care possible.

Kinser knew that using pure 100% oxygen  requires special knowledge and special oxygen equipment. Particular attention to oxygen gas and oxygen  equipment safety was paramount, oxygen enrichment is certainly nothing like air and aeration. Oxygen-injection systems are not mechanical aerators or livewell water pumps… the “Rules of the Oxygen Road” are necessary to know before you purchase or use pure 100% oxygen or any oxygen system that is capable of creating any oxygen-rich conditions.

David A. Kinser is responsible for the Revolutionary Change that advanced mechanical aeration livewell and bait tank technology to commercial Supplemental Livewell Oxygenation Technology, the first livewell oxygen-injection technology commercially made for sport fishermen world-wide.

The Oxygen Edge™ is the original commercial fishing oxygen-injection livewell systems that eliminated summer livewell and bait tank transport mortality caused by hot summer livewell water, overstocking, insufficient dissolved oxygen saturations… deadly chronic sustained livewell hypoxia – Poor livewell and bait tank water quality – frank suffocation.

Kinser changed the sport fishing industry dramatically in 1993 for the better because of the advent of commercial fishing oxygen-injection systems me made for sport fishermen.