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The Oxygen Edge™ is the first commercial  fishing oxygen system specifically made for sport fishermen and sold worldwide… it all began in 1993, Texas, USA.

Oxygen Edge™

The original fishing oxygen system that is guaranteed to “Supercharge”  your live bait, keeps live bait alive and healthy,  insures safe oxygenation all day, over-night or a week or more in the most adverse hot summer conditions in packed overcrowded livewells and bait tanks. You control your livewell DO water quality parameters in all seasonal conditions, if you chose too.

Oxygen Edge™  is the best commercial fishing oxygen system on the market since 1993.  An adjustable  turn-on-and-forget fishing oxygen system built for sport fishermen and commercial fishermen that is durable and dependable. Engineered for marine and freshwater use.

Oxygen Edge™ is necessary when KeepALive bait tanks and aerators, Kodiak bait tanks, Rule and Flow-Rite bait pumps, boat livewell aeration systems, livewell pumps and livewell vents all fail to insure or provide minimal safe oxygenation for your live bait and tournament fish every summer.  Failing to keep your live bait alive, frisky is expensive, aggravating and can ruin your fishing trip. Trying to keep tournament fish alive or healthy all day to weigh-in is stressful and a major cause of unnecessary angst for C&R tournament fishermen every summer.  A fish dies in your livewell, you will get the “dead fish punishment” and you will loose the prize… That all day stress is unnecessary and avoidable; it’s  your choice.

Oxygen Edge™ will make any overcrowded boat livewell or bait tank fail-safe every summer always delivering the right amount of oxygen for all your bait and fish, you adjust the right dose of oxygen.  It’s the original adjustable turn-on and forget oxygen-injection system used in closed livewells.   The Edge is superior to any mechanical aeration system and livewell water pumps when safe oxygenation during transport is essential and must be maintained,  especially in the summer and every time you overstock your livewells. Overstocking livewells always results in suffocation with mechanical aeration and water pumps every summer. Air is not oxygen.

Oxygen Edge™   a portable livewell oxygen injection system is dependable 24/7,  supersaturates livewell water with pure 100% oxygen, delivers a wide range of doses of pure oxygen necessary for increasing  and decreasing bait and fish loads,  operates quietly and continuously with absolutely no chance of electrical failure, no batteries required.   Oxygen life support equipment  failure or malfunction guarantees acute total livewell mortality, suffocation.

Oxygen Edge™ is a real life aquatic life-support oxygen transport system that cools livewell water about 2 F below ambient water temperature, no ice or hypothermia necessary or recommended.

Oxygen Edge™ adjustable oxygen regulators deliver a controlled precision dose of pure 100% compressed oxygen always ensuring 100% dissolved oxygen saturation and greater for 1 to 225 lbs of live bait or tournament game fish.   You dial in the pounds of fish or live bait on the regulator settings, you chose correct dose of oxygen with the “tank time chart”  for the total weight of bait or fish in your livewell and the correct dose and volume of pure oxygen  is delivered continuously.  A wide range of oxygen doses  for 2 lbs. to 225 lbs.  of live bait or tournament fish ensures safe oxygenation for overcrowded livewells for summer transports. You dial-in right dose of oxygen on the OE precision gas regulator for all your bait  for a day trip, overnight, a week… stockpile live bait safely in home live tanks and bait pens used in open water, canals and marinas.

Increase the dose of oxygen and make “Supercharged Live Bait.” Supercharging guarantees extraordinary high quality live bait in the most adverse, hostile summer conditions, every summer. 

Visit: George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing  “SUPERCHARGE YOUR LIVE BAITS” by George Poveromo http://www.georgepoveromo.com/content.php?pid=64

The precision adjustable  OE regulators are custom engineered and designed for marine use. They are made with only 2 metals, solid brass bodies plated with solid nickel to reduce electrolysis damage, a major safety issue.

OE regulators are not repackaged, relabeled pediatric medical oxygen regulators calibrated  in fractions of LPM or LPM. All  pediatric medical oxygen regulators deliver fractions of LPM doses. Repackaged pediatric medical oxygen  regulators  are commonly advertised and sold as commercial  fishing oxygen regulators.  Learn about medical oxygen regulators here:   http://oxyedge-chum.com/homemade-oxygen-systems/medical-oxygen-regulators/

Oxygen Edge™  injects pure compressed welding oxygen into livewells and bait tank water.   Supercharging requires more oxygen than the small amount needed to simply keep bait and fish alive and healthy. Aeration (air) will not supercharge live bait, there’s not enough oxygen in air. Fish hatchery transporters and the “Edge” both use the  same pure commercial welding oxygen for all live fish transports.

Oxygen Edge™  costs as much as a pair of Costa Del Mar ($300) sunglasses, a medium grade rod ($200) and reel ($200), one decent Kayak paddle ($275), 2 fishing tournament jerseys ($450) or tank of regular gasoline. The Oxygen Edge™ may increase a boat note about $4 a month. What’s it worth to you to have healthy, abnormally high quality live  bait all day and night every summer? What’s it worth to you not to have to give all the tournament fish in your livewell a second thought about their safety and survival all day in every summer tournament? What is your piece of mind really worth summer after summer?

Oxygen Edge™ (oxygen supplementation) is necessary if you overstock your livewell or bait tank and want “SUPERCHARGED” live bait quality in the summer.  But, if you never overstock your livewell, never have low-oxygen problems in your summer livewell, if your live bait or tournament fish are never red-nosed, sickly or dying in your livewell in the summer, if you never overstock your livewell in the summer, if you really don’t want or don’t need the highest quality, strongest, most durable live bait possible, mechanical aerators, spray bars and livewell water pumps may work fine for you.

“Supercharged” live bait is “man made” and requires the correct precision dose of pure 100% compressed oxygen injected into livewell water. Supercharges live bait fish and shrimp are not natural, Mother Nature can’t “Supercharge Live Bait” because she only has AIR (aeration). Pure oxygen is necessary for “Supercharging Live Bait.”

Oxygen Edge™ is not necessary for summer C & R fishing tournaments if the “Dead Fish Punishment” is of little or no concern to you. But, when getting your tournament catch to the weigh-master after an all day ride in your boat livewell is your primary goal, you need the correct dose of supplemental oxygen in your livewell delivered continuously.

That  “FUNCTIONAL LIVEWELL RULE”  – Although a tournament official certifies your boat livewell as a “functional livewell” on tournament day; if YOU are not absolutely sure your aerated livewell is really “Functional”  and guaranteed to keep your tournament catch alive and healthy for 6-8 hours all day to the weighed-in on hot summer tournament days in July, August and September…  You Will Need An OXYGEN EDGE™ life support system.

WHAT IS A “FUNCTIONAL LIVEWELL ?” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Livewell


APPREHENSION-CONSTERNATION-DISTRACTION-UNCERTAINY-WORRY – PERSONAL STRESS: All tournament fishermen are aware of this kind of personal stress and how this stress consumes your valuable concentration before breakfast, the blast-off and all day during summer fishing tournaments.

On a summer tournament day, what time does this stress begin for you;  before your morning coffee, at the boat ramp, at the blast off, 10 AM. 2 PM, on the ride in to the weigh-master’s scales?

How many hours during the day do you think about your boat livewell working, pumps failing, batteries failing, everything that can kill your catch and cost you the dreaded “dead fish punishment”… how do you keep your catch alive all day in July and August worry free all day. Worry free requires a turn-on-and-forget livewell system that is guaranteed to insure continuous safe oxygenation all day regardless of  warm livewell water temperature or if you have an exceptional great day or overstock your livewell with big fish..

How many times during the day do you waste your valuable time opening your livewell lid looking to see if A fish  bellied-up or died?

Do you  think about your batteries running down and your boat motor won’t crank, listen to your livewell pump noise all day (the fish your trying to catch is listening to all that pump noise  too)?

Will your fish be sick before noon or die between 1-2 PM? Can you get your catch to the weigh-master alive after an 8 hour all day boat ride in the summer?

Do you think about the dreaded “dead fish punishment” and loosing the prize if 1 fish dies in your livewell?

You have considerable money and time invested in a day tournament and you are there to win the money or the prize…


You  certainly haven’t spent all that time and money on a boat, fuel, gear, tournament fees and fished all day to lose because 1 fish died in your boat livewell and because you failed to keep 1 fish alive.

THE POINT: is to get the fish to the weigh-master ALIVE, dodge the “dead fish punishment”  and win the prize with the least amount of unnecessary stress and needless worry all day.


There is no “dead fish punishment” rule in kill tournaments, but… why waste weight on dead fish?

FACT: Tournament fish always weigh more alive than dead.

Within minutes after death, exactly like people, all fish begin loosing body weight. The savvy tournament fisherman knows that weight conservation is essential when fishing for money and prize.

Some tournament fishermen are not concerned about loosing fractions of ounces because a fish died. The difference between tournament winners and losers if often determined in hundredths of ounces, the weight of a hair or two.

Ask yourself 1 question: Are you are fishing this tournament to WIN  THE MONEY, THE PRIZE, THE RECOGNITION and THE GLORY?

If your answer is YES  – Your job is simply keeping your catch alive ALL DAY IN THE BOAT’S LIVEWELL TO WEIGH-IN … WINNING IS THE WHOLE POINT!

Oxy-Chum™  attracts and consolidated  saltwater and freshwater live baitfish and target game fish. Oxygen is more effective than food and sent in predictable environmental conditions.

Pure oxygen bubbled underwater creates a “Honey Hole” of extremely high dissolved oxygen underwater in the summer and winter. Creating and oasis of pure 100% oxygen bubbled 10-15 ft. under hot lake water in the summer compels a congregation of all fish species.

FACT:  High dissolved oxygen concentrations stimulate feeding in hot environmental water in the Dog Days of Summer  and during late winter, when lake surfaces have been frozen solid for months and there is no diffusion of oxygen into the water. Fish are hungry and will eat when they can breathe again.

Chumming with pure oxygen works when the bite slows down every summer in the south and late winter in North America climes.  In the northern hemisphere, fish don’t bite or move much in the “Dog Days of Summer”  or frozen lakes in late winter when lake surfaces have been frozen over and the environmental dissolved oxygen is low.

Oxy-Chum™ An artificial oasis of pure 100% oxygen underwater that improves an oxygen poor environment so fish and bait can breath again. Most effective when the environmental DO is low; in the heat of summer, July, August and the dead of winter when the lakes are iced over, February and March. Fish are like people, the bite dramatically gets better and they will eat IF and  WHEN they can breathe better.

Are you tournament fishing to WIN or just fishing for FUN?




FACT: If you really want a “TOURNAMENT EDGE” in a kill tournament – Weigh-in a live fish because a live fish always weighs more than a dead fish.   FACT: Fractions of an ounce will separate WINNERS from LOSERS.

NEW – What is the real difference between livewell aeration and livewell oxygenation?  

“Guide to Fishing Aeration and Oxygen Systems”     http://oxyedge-chum.com/understanding-the-concept-between-livewell-aeration-and-livewell-oxygenation/

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